Completed Rochdale Underpass now open to the public

Completed Rochdale Underpass now open to the public

Jamieson Contracting were appointed principal contractor to complete regeneration works at Rochdale Underpass, which was closed since 1972 and are pleased to announce they have successfully delivered the project at the end of June on time and on budget.

The project was jointly funded by Transport for Greater Manchester, Network Rail and Rochdale Council and the scheme now provides quick and easy access to both the railway station and the Metrolink stop for travellers using the car park on Lincoln Street.

The renovations have improved the traffic flow in front of the train station by giving people an alternative drop off point from where travellers can get directly onto the station platforms. Councillor Colin Lambert, Leader of Rochdale Borough Council, said: “The station gateway is a hugely significant project for Rochdale and something which our residents really support. It will create a seamless link between the car park and the train and Metrolink station to enable public transport users to get around much more quickly and easily in a safe and secure environment.

When combined with proposals for the Northern Hub, it will also deliver huge economic benefits for our town.” Transport for Greater Manchester Committee Chair, Councillor Andrew Fender, said: “Re-opening the subway will not only help with passenger access to the car park, the train platforms and the Metrolink stop, but will also reduce the traffic flow in front of the station.”

The opening of the old subway at Rochdale rail station means that the present 350 yard walk from the tram and train car park to the stations will be shortened to just 40 yards. The old subway has been refurbished in a way which emphasises the heritage features of the old station of 1889.