Civil Infrastructure

Civil Infrastructure

Jamieson’s deliver civil infrastructure works that consistently meet the highest standards

We understand only too well the pressures local authorities are under. They have a duty to their communities in providing the best possible built environment. Yet the resources to meet that commitment have never been scarcer.

At Jamieson we’re committed to helping local authorities make their budgets work harder in public areas, educational facilities and transport infrastructure; including 278 works.

Whether it’s pavements, car parks, street lighting or any type of brickwork, we’ll provide quality solutions while helping to control costs.

Our teams respect communities

Civil works often impact directly on neighbourhoods, bringing site teams into close contact with local people. Because they are employed by us, our teams have been brought up with the Jamieson ethos of friendliness and sensitivity to others’ needs. They also know the importance of urgency to complete projects on time, especially when the works cause inconvenience to others.

Our environmental responsibilities

Part of our planning on any project is to explore the best opportunities for recycling, not only to help in the battle against climate change, but also to maximise value for money.

For example projects, please view our Case Studies