Equality & Diversity

Equality & Diversity

As a company we are committed to providing equality, inclusiveness and diversity, which is supported by our HR policy, procedures and customer focused practices in our dealings with clients, suppliers and stakeholders.

Equality, diversity and inclusion is of vast importance to Jamieson Contracting and we are proud to employ a diverse workforce including men and women of various ages and those from a range of backgrounds, nationalities, sexual orientations and religious beliefs.

We comply with all legislation in relation to discrimination and ensure everyone, including those with protected characteristics, are never discriminated against in our workplace.

It is our policy that no one shall be treated less favourably than others or be put at an unfair advantage. We implement strict procedures in place to prevent harassment and victimisation and any complaints or issues are dealt with immediately by a Director.

When recruiting for a new role we ensure our job specification and advertisement are compliant with our Equality and Diversity policy and our recruitment process does not discriminate towards any minority group and promotes fair treatment and opportunity for all. All employees responsible for recruitment have undertaken comprehensive Equality and Diversity Training.

All new starters are provided with Equality and Diversity awareness training from when they join the company. This happened during their induction where we issue our Equality and Diversity policy and inform staff of their obligations under this policy. This is periodically repeated through toolbox talks and staff training.

When selecting our supply chain, we ensure they are similarly committed to equality, diversity and inclusion through our pre-qualification process.

Please download our Equality & Diversity policy here