We are very aware of the both the direct potential impacts and long term effects from construction activities on the environment. We have conducted a full review of all the environmental aspects and impacts that we may incur through our operations and ensure these are regularly discussed at management level.

We have organised our Aspects and Impacts into Key Areas:

  • Our Building
  • Our People
  • Our Utilities
  • Our Waste/recyclable
  • Our Transport

Environmental Objectives & targets

The following section sets specific objectives for managing our environmental aspects and their impact potential.

Energy Conservation Objectives

We have identified the following Energy Conservation objectives:

  • Maximise energy efficiency in the provision of office lighting and heating
  • Raise staff awareness of energy conservation methods, both at work and at home
  • Engage with suppliers who have established environmental credentials

Recycling Objectives

We have identified the following recycling objectives:

  • Set targets for recycling consumables and waste
  • Raise staff awareness of recycling methods both at work and at home

Waste Management Objectives

We have identified the following Waste Management objectives:

  • Minimise waste of utility services
  • Minimise waste in office/site related materials and equipment
  • Promote the safe disposal of Chemical cleaners and protective clothing.

Environmental Action Plan & Targets

Having identified our Environmental Aspects and Objectives, we have reviewed the actions that we need to take in order to effectively manage our Environmental Management System (EMS).

The responsibility for our EMS is shared by all employees and is overseen by our Management Team. We have an Environmental Management Representative, who reviews our Environmental Action Plan (EAP) on a regular basis and reports to our Environmental Management System Team.

The EAP is a ‘live’ document and is separate to the Review document. It is updated following management review and version controlled by date of last revision. Each old version is then archived.

The EAP is reviewed at least annually and internal audits are conducted in line with the EAP review.

Environmental Internal Audits

Internal audits are carried out regularly as part of the responsibilities of our Environmental

Management Representative/Consultant and are used to verify our performance against our Environmental Targets.

Management agrees the audit schedule and feedback on each audit is reviewed with our ISO 14001 Certification as part of our annual audits.

Please download our Environmental Policy here.

Please download our ISO 14001:2015 certificate here.

Please download our Waste Management Policy here.