Blog – A great decision

Blog – A great decision

6 months ago I joined Jamieson Contracting. Previous to that I had a successful career brought to a halt by a shock redundancy. This had left me wondering which way to turn in my career and also the realisation that this choice was massive as I was about to turn 30 and wanted my next move to set me on a ladder to build my career in one place that shared my ambition and drive.

It all started with a telephone interview which I have never been a big fan of. However immediately the Managing Director (Andrew Jamieson) made the interview very informal and provided a great platform for both parties to scope each other out. I couldn’t wait to come in for a proper interview just to see if the impression given on the phone matched reality and sure enough it was bang in line with my initial impression, a warm friendly setting with a very strong underlying desire to achieve and grow as a company.

After I was lucky enough to get the job it came to my first day, the office team were nothing short of brilliant, they were very welcoming and accommodating, despite having there own workloads to contend with. The first day turned into the first week, the first month, 3 months. Time has flown and the role and the company have provided me with much enjoyment as well as challenging me everyday.

The company prides itself on service and a quality product which is refreshing. As it is a family owned and run business the reputation is everything and this is reflected in the standards expected of us all. This makes for a higher level of pride in your own work and pushes you to get the absolute best you can from every interaction.

I have found the team mentality refreshing, everyone chips in to help all aspects of the business as each are equally important. What has impressed me the most is the unwavering ambition and drive to achieve more, better and reach higher. Whilst also remembering the people and maintaining the family orientated ethos.

I cannot recommend the company enough, if you are looking for somewhere to grow and flourish, with a team and support to push you to your goals then Jamieson is the perfect environment for you.


Take a look at the careers on offer at the moment and do what I did and make a great decision!