Kings Norton Autumn Water Tanks Renewal

Kings Norton Autumn Water Tanks Renewal

Client: Network Rail

Start Date: December 2021

End Date: August 2022

Project Value: £660k

JCL were appointed by Network Rail to replace the 100,000L Water Tanks at Kings Norton Train Station. The depot is used for filling trains with water for clearing leaves off the tracks, and JCL were required to install two new water tanks double the capacity of the existing installation.

Following contract award, JCL worked with Network Rail and our long-established design partners to produce a design for the project in line with CRT and 02009 engineering assurance requirements.  Our experienced CEM and CRE managed the design process through the GRIP stages with our proposal accepted and approved by Network Rail.

As part of the project, JCL were required to install a new 650m watermain to increase the flow rate for filling the trains. During design development we proposed a solution to install two additional ducts while the excavation was open. This provided a future-proofed solution for Network Rail, allowing additional services to be connected at a later date without the requirement of digging up the road again.

Once the design was complete, the JCL team planned the delivery of the works to a very tight deadline. It was essential the works were completed by autumn, ready for the leaf removal service required to keep the LNW route operational.

JCL implemented a highly detailed and resource-loaded programme to ensure our project team could closely monitor progress and ensure delivery on time. We utilised concurrent working where possible with one team delivering the watermain while another team constructed the new slabs for the water tanks. Our approach resulted in the project being delivered on time and in line with Network Rails stipulated programme dates.

As the project was delivered within a live depot, JCL ensured careful coordination of deliveries and methods to minimise disruption and inconvenience to ongoing activities. We held regular meetings with the depot managers to agree access and discuss delivery arrangements to ensure the operational depot was unaffected by our works. Our approach included a number of periods in the programme where we have worked out of hours to provide the most effective and least disruptive solution. 

Our scope of works included:

  • Demolition the existing tanks
  • Removal of existing slabs
  • The construction of two new, enlarged slabs to site the new tanks
  • New high level lighting
  • Palisade fencing
  • New 650m 93mm protector line watermain
  • New valve arrangements
  • Booster pumps
  • New GRP enclosure